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October 29, 2009

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School is going well for James. He gets his 1st report card at the end of the week and I will be shocked to see anything under a B! His teacher is not new to the school, she just got married and her name changed. She is fantastic and I am glad James has matured so well. We still have moments at home and he still gets the occasional note for talking to much but there have been no melt downs.

We are having a problem with his idiot bus driver that is driving me crazy. I am doing everything I can to resolve the problem but it seems that no one cares to help. I finally called the corporate office in Illinois and filed a formal complaint against the driver and his superiors who have done nothing to diffuse the situation. James is not riding the bus and that drives me crazy. He has every right to ride that bus without being bullied by the driver but I just don’t feel like that will happen at this point. We contract our bus services so right now I am dealing with that company. I hate that it had to progress to calling a corporate office but I exhausted all my local leads. Now I am working on a documentation to bring to the superintendent’s attention. Even though this bus company is not run by Duval county, they are paying for a service and are also responsible for the safety of my child. It’s very stressful but I’m trying to deal with it calmly.

Christopher is still tiny as ever but he’s slowly starting to talk. He says a few more things but only randomly. He’ll never say anything if you ask him too.

I had my annual check-up, had some moles removed, found out my insurance went up,  it doesn’t cover ANY lab work until my deductible is met, and I am slowly going insane. I actually have to have some labs and tests done and it just sucks that for the whole time I had decent insurance I was fine. I am still fine but just have a few things to look into. Things that are going to cost me money I don’t want to spend since I pay a small fortune for medical insurance.

I just read that our pediatrician has the H1N1 vaccine for James age group and I am debating it. It’s a no win situation. I can get the vaccine and he gets sick from it or I don’t and he gets the flu and could die. Or he gets the vaccine and he’s fine or he doesn’t get the vaccine and is fine. I am conflicted. We have had more than a few s-flu related deaths and that makes me nervous. They do not have the injectable available so Christopher won’t be getting it yet either way.

Soooo. There’s a lot of tension and stress and I really am going crazy. I am trying not to let it get out of hand and my only solution is to go to bed early. That doesn’t stop me from waking up at 2am over it but it’s all I can do right now.


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  1. Amy Says:

    I’m having the same flu debate in my head. Antone is high risk since he has asthma, but I’m just not sure I want him getting sick from the shot…..
    The bus driver is harassing your son? Why on earth?
    I’m glad you updated.

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